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Adding Image Prompts

An image prompt provides an image that users click to select their report criteria. For example, from an image that shows products, users can click a product. The selected product is then used to filter the underlying report. To create an image prompt, you need to know how to use the HTML <map> tag to create an image map definition.

You define image prompts in the Define Prompts page in Oracle CRM On Demand Answers. When you have created multiple image prompts for a report, they are executed in the order in which they are listed; that is, from top to bottom.

To add or modify an image prompt

  1. In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, in the Define Prompts page, click Create Prompt, and select Image Prompt.
  2. In the Image Map Prompt Properties dialog box, enter a caption for the image prompt in the Caption box.

    The caption appears when a user runs the report. You can include HTML markup tags in the caption, such as <b>, <center>, <font>, and <table>.

  3. Enter a description in the Description box (optional).
  4. Enter the location and name of the image in the Image URL box.

    If the image prompt is for your use only, you can specify a location that only you can access, such as c:\mycomputer\temp\map.gif. For an image prompt that will be available to other users, specify the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name, such as \\ALLUSERS\graphics\map.gif, or a web site accessible to all your users, such as

  5. Enter the appropriate HTML <map> tags and data in the HTML box.

    An HTML <map> statement with <area> elements is required. Each <area> element must specify shape= and coords= attributes. The alt= attribute, if specified, will be mapped to the Area title. For example:


    <area alt="Top-left" shape="rect" coords="0,0,50,50">

    <area alt="Top-right" shape="rect" coords="50,0,100,50">

    <area alt="Bottom" shape="rect" coords="0,50,100,100">


  6. To extract the image map information from the HTML, click the link Extract Image Map from HTML.

    The Image Map Prompt Properties dialog box expands to show the area titles, shapes, and coordinates entered in the HTML box.

    • You can change the values in the area title if you want. This text appears when a user moves the pointer over the image area.
    • For each area, in the Column box, enter the name of the column to pass when a user clicks it, and the value to use.

      NOTE: The column needs to be a fully qualified column name, in the format Table.Column Name.

    • Place double quotes around any column names containing spaces. For example:
      • Account."Account Country"
      • "Units shipped"
  7. When you are finished, click OK.

    The image prompt is shown on the Define Prompts page.

  8. To view the image prompt, click the Preview Analysis button.

    When you click an area of the image, the underlying filter constructed for that area displays. You can click the Refresh link to see the results. You can change the filter criteria and then click the Refresh link again to see the change reflected in the results.

To modify the properties of an image prompt

  1. Click the Properties button for the prompt.
  2. In the Image Map Prompt Properties dialog box, make your changes, and then click OK.

NOTE: In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, you do not see the prompts in the Define Criteria, Create Layout, Define Prompts, and Review pages. The prompts are displayed when you preview the analysis, and the prompts are displayed when users run the analysis.

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