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Reviewing Export Results

The Export Request Queue page displays all pending and completed export requests. If a request is in the Pending Requests section, then you can click Refresh to see if the request has completed. When the request has completed, you can drill down on a request to retrieve the output file.

To view export requests

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Data Management Tools section, click the Import and Export Tools link.
  3. On the Import and Export Tools page, click the Export Request Queue link.

    The Export Request Queue page appears, showing the details of the export requests. The following table describes the export request information.

    Export Record Information


    Export Type

    The type of export:

    • Full. A full export of your company's data.
    • Partial. A partial export of your company's data.

    Record Type

    The record type. For partial requests that include child records, the child record is indicated in the format Parent:Child, for example, Account:Contact.


    The status, for example, In Progress or Completed.

    Requested By

    The user who submitted the request.


    The time and date when the export request was submitted.


    The time and date when the export was finished.

To retrieve the ZIP file for a request

  1. In the Completed Requests section, click the Export Type or Record Type link to open the Export Request Details page.

    The page displays the export properties, including the number of records exported (# Exported) and the number of record types successfully exported without any problems (# Completed Objects).

  2. In the Export Request Attachment section of the page, in the row that contains the ZIP file, you can do the following:
    • Select Download from the record-level menu to open or save the ZIP file.

      The ZIP file consists of an export summary text file and CSV file for each type of record that you exported.

    • Click Delete to delete the file.

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