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About Administering the Offline Client

Company administrators can configure the Offline Client Edit Access setting for Oracle Offline On Demand (the Offline client) from the Company Profile page in Oracle CRM On Demand.

This setting determines when the edit access for records is verified for a user. The three options for the Offline Client Edit Access setting are as follows:

  • Verify on Upload. When records are uploaded from Oracle Offline On Demand to Oracle CRM On Demand, the edit access for a record is verified. This setting is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Verify on Download. When the record is edited, the edit access for a record is verified in Oracle Offline On Demand.
  • None. If this option is selected, Oracle CRM On Demand verifies the edit access in the same manner as the Verify on Download option.

For more information on the Company Profile page, see Setting Up Your Company Profile and Global Defaults.

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