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Alert Fields

The following table describes the field information you might see in an alert record. If you are an administrator, you can see and update all alert fields. Otherwise, you are restricted to viewing a limited number of alert fields.




Title of the alert as it will appear on My Homepage.


Priority of the alert, which is indicated by the icon next to it on My Homepage.


URL or filename and directory path associated with the alert.

Alert Description

Text as it will appear in the alert.

Post Date

Date you want the alert to begin being broadcast across My Homepage.

Expiration Date

Date you want the alert to end being broadcast across My Homepage.

Displayed Hyperlink

Text as it will appear for the hyperlink in the alert. This is required if you have entered a hyperlink.

For example, for the Link (URL) “”, you might type “Directions to meeting” for the hyperlink text in the alert.

TIP:  You can create filtered lists to limit the type of alert records displayed at one time. For instructions, see Working with Lists.

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