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Adding Credits to Funds

To make funds available, add credit to the fund.

To add credit to a fund

  1. Select the fund.

    For instructions on selecting funds, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Fund Detail page, scroll down to the Fund Credits section and click New in the title bar.

    NOTE: You might have to add the Fund Credits section to your layout. For information on changing the layout, see Changing Your Detail Page Layout.

  3. Enter the information as described in the following table, and then save the record.




    The name of the fund, which is set to the current fund by default. (View-only.)

    Credit Name

    The name of this credit record. This field has a limit of 30 characters. (Required field.)


    The amount of the credit that you are applying to the fund, for example, $500.


    The description of this fund credit.

    Expiration Date

    The date after which the credit will no longer be valid (MM/DD/YYYY). The date is provided for informational purposes. Use the Calendar icon to select the date.

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