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Processing Requests for Funds

When you want to start using some of the fund amount, create a fund request and submit it to the fund manager for approval. To track the stage of the fund request, you and your fund manager update the Status field.

To submit a request for pre-approval

  1. Select the fund.

    For instructions on selecting funds, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Fund Detail page, scroll down to the Fund Requests section and click New.

    NOTE: You might have to add the Fund Requests section to your layout. For more information, see Changing Your Detail Page Layout.

  3. On the Fund Request Edit page, enter the required information.

    The following table describes field information for fund requests. Your administrator can add, rename, or delete fields, so the fields you see might differ from those in this table.



    Key Fund Request Information

    Request ID*

    The identifier for the fund request. Oracle CRM On Demand generates the Request ID. (Required field.)

    Fund Request Name

    The name of the Fund Request. Limit of 50 characters. (Required field.)


    Indicates the fund type. This is a customizable field, which your company administrator can alter. (Required field.)

    Two types of funds are provided:

    • MDFs (market development funds). These funds are used by the company's sales or marketing department to help a partner, reseller, or distributor to sell and market your products.
    • SPFs (special pricing authorization). These funds are used by a company to support special pricing requests. These special pricing requests are fund requests that a partner submits to obtain a special price on a product or group of products. This price is usually requested so the partner can stay competitive or make a specific margin.


    The name of the linked Fund. (Required field.)


    The current status of the Fund Request. Required field. (Required field.)

    The following are the default options: Claim Approved, Claim Denied, Claim Submitted, In Progress, Pre-Approval Denied, Pre-Approval Submitted, or Pre-Approved.

    Fund participants can change the status to: In Progress, Pre-Approval Submitted, or Claim Submitted.

    Due Date

    The date by which you must have the fund request approved. (Required field.)


    The opportunity to which the fund is related.

    Opportunity Account

    The account to which the related opportunity belongs.


    Use to link a campaign with a fund.

    Marketing Purpose

    Default options are Partner Incentive, Joint Marketing, Competitive Positioning, New Product Launch, or Customer Retention.


    Default options are Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, None, North America, Northern Europe, Other, South America, Southern Europe, or Worldwide.


    Default options are Advertising, Branding, Customer Event, Direct Mailing, Displays, Executive Event, Joint Advertising, Other, Promotion, Samples, Seminar, Spiff, Trade Show, or Training.

    Partner Program

    The partner program for which the fund request is being made.

    Fund Request Detail Information

    Pre-Approval Req.

    The amount of funds that you need to execute your tasks.


    Used by the Fund Manager, this field contains the amount granted to the participant, based on the amount requested in the Pre-Approval Req. field.

    Claim Req.

    After the task is completed, the participant claims the amount spent to complete the task using this field.


    Used by the Fund Manager, this field contains the amount approved based on the amount claimed.

    Request Date

    Defaults to today’s date.

    Pre-Approval Date

    Used by the Fund Manager, this field contains the date on which the Fund Manager approved the fund request amount.

    Claim Decision Date

    Used by the Fund Manager, this field contains the date on which the Fund Manager approved the fund claim amount.

    Begin Date

    The beginning of the period for which the brand owner has approved the fund request.

    End Date

    The end of the period for which the brand owner has approved the fund request. After this date, the fund request is no longer valid.

    Fund Request Currency

    The currency in which the fund was requested.

    Additional Information


    Generally, the owner can update the record, transfer the record to another owner, or delete the record. However, access levels can be adjusted to restrict or expand a user’s access.

    This value affects which records are included in reports you or your managers run (from Reports and Dashboard pages).


    Name of the person who creates or updates the record, followed by the date and time when the record is created or updated. System-generated.

    Owner Account

    This is the partner account for which the owner works. So, if the owner is a partner, then the owner account is populated with the name of the partner account to which the partner belongs.

    Channel Manager

    The channel manager is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the partners and the brand owner company. Channel managers serve as the primary contact for the partner.


    This field has as a limit of 250 characters.

  4. For Status, select Pre-Approval Submitted.
  5. Save the record.

    The fund request record appears in the Pending Fund Requests section on the fund manager’s Funds Homepage.

To pre-approve a fund request

  1. On the Funds Homepage, select the fund request from the Pending Fund Requests section.
  2. On the Fund Request Detail page, click the Edit button.
  3. On the Fund Request Edit page, do the following:
    1. Enter the appropriate date in the Pre-Approval Date field.
    2. Enter the amount you approve in the Granted field.
    3. Update the Status field to Pre-Approved.
  4. Save the record.

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