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Setting Up Assessment Scripts

You can set up assessment scripts to help users to follow consistent processes when collecting data and making decisions. The assessment scripts can be used to qualify leads, assess opportunities, guide customer service interactions, survey customer satisfaction, and so on. The assessment responses are scored, assigned a weight, and compared with a specified threshold to determine the appropriate outcome or course of action.

With Oracle CRM On Demand, you can set up assessment scripts that allow your company to:

  • Capture activity information for a sales call, task, or appointment.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys with customers.
  • Gather responses to business plans.
  • Automate the qualification of leads.
  • Gather responses to objectives.
  • Assess opportunities (by enforcing a sales methodology at your company).
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys for contact and service request records.
  • Use call scripts for service request records.

To find out more about assessment scripts, or to see step-by-step instructions for creating assessment scripts, see the following:

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