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Assigning Activities to Another Employee

You can assign an activity to another employee if you have edit access to the record. Generally, you can edit a record if you own it or the owner reports to you. However, access levels can be adjusted to restrict a user’s access.

After you assign an activity to another employee, the activity automatically appears in the new user’s My Activities or My Tasks list. Upon assignment, your name appears in the Delegated By field for the activity and the record remains visible to you. The assigned activity also maintains all prior associations for the activity. You can track tasks that you have assigned to others by using the Delegated task lists in the drop-down on your Activity Lists page.

To assign an activity to another employee

  1. Select the activity.

    For instructions on selecting activities, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Appointment Detail page, position your cursor in the Owner field and click the Lookup icon.
  3. In the Lookup window, click the Select link beside the name of the new owner.

    The name of the new owner appears in the Owner field on the Appointment Detail page.

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