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Attaching Files to Records through Attachment Fields

Attachment fields are supported on Custom Object record types and on certain record types that are industry-specific or specific to Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition. The attachment fields allow you to attach a single file to a record. For a list of the record types where attachment fields are supported, see About Attachments.

Your company administrator determines if the attachment fields are available on the page layouts for your user role.

When attaching files to records, the following considerations apply:

  • You can upload compressed files, including .zip files.
  • For data protection and security reasons, Oracle CRM On Demand does not allow you to attach executable files with file extensions such as .exe or .bat.

    NOTE: When a user clicks on an executable file with an extension such as .exe or .bat, the user is given the option of running the file or saving it. To prevent users from inadvertently running an executable file directly from Oracle CRM On Demand in this way, Oracle CRM On Demand does not allow you to attach files with such file extension to records. However, you can work around this by giving the file a different file extension before you upload it. If you give the file a file extension such as .txt, then a user who clicks on the file is not given the option of running the file. The user must save the file to a local machine, change the file extension to the appropriate extension for the executable file, and then run the executable file.

  • Each file that you attempt to upload is scanned for viruses. If a virus is found in the file, the file is not uploaded, and a message appears.
  • Uploaded files must be less than 20 MB. If you have a large file, consider the following options:
    • Compress the file to make it smaller.
    • Split the file into smaller files (and compress them if necessary).
    • Place the file on a public server and indicate the path and file name for it instead of attaching the file to the record.

The following procedure describes how to attach a file to a record through attachment fields.

To attach a file to a record through attachment fields

  1. On the Edit page of the record to which you want to attach the file, in the Attachment field, click the paper clip icon:


  2. Browse to the file you want to attach and select it.
  3. Save your changes.

NOTE: Depending on how your company administrator configures the page layout, you might see the Attachment: File Name field and the Attachment: Size (In Bytes) field on the page. If these fields are present, they are automatically populated with the file name and file size when you save the record. You cannot edit these fields.

You can remove an attached file from a record. However, when you remove the file, it is deleted from the Oracle CRM On Demand database, and you cannot restore it from within Oracle CRM On Demand.

TIP: Before you remove the file from the record, download the file to your local machine or another server and save it.

The following describes how to remove a file from a record.

To remove a file from a record

  1. On the record Edit page, click the X icon next to the Attachment field.
  2. Confirm that you want to remove the file from the record.

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