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Adding Attendees to Calls

An attendee is an individual who is present on a given occasion for a meeting or phone call. An account call can have multiple attendees, and each individual attending an account call can have different unique items or specific interactions that the sales representative will record. Reporting at an individual-interaction level allows the sales representative to record what sample or promotional item was dropped off and which products detailed or sample request information was recorded for each individual interaction.

An attendee call is an individual call that is associated with a parent account call. Attendee calls operate like professional calls, except that they are linked to account calls. Attendee calls are separate records with a call type of Attendee Call.

Access Profile Settings for Attendee Calls

To access and add attendees to a parent account, you must have the appropriate settings in your access profiles. The following table shows the access level setting for the Attendee Call related information record type that allows you to access attendee calls on a parent account. The setting is required on both your default access profile and your owner access profile. When the access level is configured for the Attendee Call related information record type, attendee calls will behave similarly to other calls (account or contact calls) within the call framework. Top level permission for attendee calls, however, is restricted to the permission defined on the parent activity. For more information about access profiles, see Access Profile Management and Process of Setting Up Access Profiles.

Record Type

Related Information Record Type

Access Level


Attendee Calls


NOTE: Attendee calls are grandchildren of account and the child of Account Call (which is a type of Activity). As a result, access to attendee calls must be configured from the Activity record type related information section.

The following procedure describes how to add an attendee to a call.

To add an attendee to a call

  1. Go to the Accounts Homepage, and select the account that you want.

    For information on selecting records, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Account Detail, scroll down to the Calls section, and open the account call record for which you want to add an attendee.
  3. On the Call Detail page, click New Call in the Attendees section.

    NOTE: If the Attendees section is not visible on your Details page, click the Edit Layout link in the upper-right corner of the page, and add the Attendees section to your page layout. If the section is not available to add to your page layout, contact your company administrator.

  4. On the Attendee Detail page, do the following:
    1. To populate the new call record with information from an existing smart call template, click the Lookup icon next to the Smart Call field, and select the smart call.
    2. Enter or update the information as required. However, note the following:
      • The value in the Call Type field, which is read-only, is Attendee Call by default.
      • The Account information is populated from the account call.
      • The Address information is populated from the account call.
      • You must use the Primary Contact field to select the contact who is attending the account call.

        For more information about the fields on this page, see Tracking Visits (Sales Calls) to Customers.

        NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names of record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help. Custom fields that your company administrator defined are saved in the Smart Call template.

  5. Click Save to save the attendee record.
  6. On the Attendee Detail page, enter any products detailed, samples dropped, sample request, and promotional item information for this attendee record as shown in the following topics:
  7. When done, click Back to Call Detail.

    The Attendees section lists the newly added attendee.

  8. When ready, click Submit to submit the call detail information for processing.

    For more information, see Submitting Call Detail Information for Inventory Tracking.

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