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Linking Sample Request Information to Calls

You can link sample request information to calls in one of the following ways:

  • By adding sample request information to a parent call
  • By adding attendees to a parent call and then adding the sample request information for each individual attendee record

    You add attendees to a parent account call so that the products detailed, samples dropped, sample request, and promotional item information can be tracked for each individual who attends the meeting.

    NOTE: You can also use the Order pages to create and update order items for products. If you customize the Order Detail page by adding a new field, then the new field will also be available on the Sample Request page. For more information about order items, see Creating an Order Item for Products.

The following procedure describes how to link sample request information to a call record.

Before you begin. To request samples during a sales call, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To link sample request information to a call record

  1. On the Call Detail or Attendee Detail page, click New in the Sample Request section.

    To access the Attendee Detail page, go to the Attendees section on the Call Detail page, and open the attendee record that you want.

    NOTE: If the section that you want is not visible on your page, click the Edit Layout link in the upper-right corner of the page, and add the section to your page layout. If the section is not available to add to your page layout, contact your company administrator.

  2. On the Sample Request Edit page, enter the required information for the sample request.

    The following table provides additional information regarding some fields.




    (Required) The name of the product. Select the check box next to each product that you want to request. For information on setting up products, see Setting Up Company Products and Product Fields.

    NOTE: Only products of the category type Samples Dropped, Promotional Item Dropped, or Products Detailed that meet the following conditions can be linked to a call record:

    • The products have been allocated to the sales representative.
    • The products are present in the sales representative's inventory in the case of samples and promotional items.
    • The products are active on the current call date.

    Product Category

    (View only) The product category as defined by the product administrator at the company. For example, it can be one of the following: Samples Dropped, Promotional Item Dropped, or Products Detailed.


    The number of sample items that are requested. The quantity must be a number from 1 to 9998.

  3. Save the record.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 to add more sample request line items to the call record.
  5. When ready, click Submit to submit the call detail information for processing.

    For more information, see Submitting Call Detail Information for Inventory Tracking.

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