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Batch Assign Book Queue Page

The Batch Assign Book Queue page displays all the active and completed book assignment requests submitted by your company. From this page, you can do the tasks shown in the following table:

To Do This

Follow These Steps


Click the Cancel link next to the request. You can cancel a request until its status changes to 'In Progress'.

Display details of a request

Drill down on the list name for the request. On the request Detail page, you can view the request properties and request parameters.

Show more or fewer requests

In the Number of Records Displayed drop-down list, select the number of requests to see at one time.

Delete the processed request

Click the Delete link to delete the request from the Processed Requests queue.


Click the Log link to save the request as a log file.

When the request has completed, you receive an email notification.

For information on creating batch assignment requests, see Assigning Records to Books.

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