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Creating Access Profiles for Books

When you associate a user with a book, you select an access profile that determines the user's access rights to records in the book and in any subbooks. The access profile for the book is evaluated with all of the other access profiles for the user, and the user is given the most liberal access rights to a record that the access profiles permit. For more information about how the access profiles interact, see Associating Users with Books.

The standard access profiles available for selection when associating a user with a book are as follows:

  • Edit. Allows the user to read and update the records in the book.
  • Full. Allows the user to read, edit, and delete the records in the book.
  • ReadOnly. Allows the user to view the records in the book.

You can also create custom access profiles for books. The Access Profiles picklist, which appears on the Book Users Edit page and on the Assigned Books Edit page, includes all access profiles that have the Grantable to Book Users option selected.

The following procedure describes how to create an access profile for books.

To create an access profile for books

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the User Management and Access Controls section, click the User Management and Access Controls link.
  3. In the Access Profile Management section, click the Access Profiles link.
  4. Create a new access profile, or edit an existing access profile.
  5. In Step 1 of the Access Profile wizard, select the Grantable to Book Users check box.
  6. In Step 2, Specify Access Levels, specify the levels of access for each record type and for the related information types.
  7. When you finish creating or editing the Access Profile, click Finish to save your changes.

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