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Calendar and Activities

Use the Calendar pages to review, create, and update your activities and to review and update your planned calls.

An activity consists of tasks you need to accomplish before a certain date and appointments you want to schedule for a specific time. Tasks and appointments can be meetings, calls, demonstrations, or events. The difference between tasks and appointments is that tasks appear in a task list and have a due date and status, whereas appointments are scheduled on your calendar with a specific date and time.

A planned call is a Life Sciences specific call that you create with a status of Planned in order to tentatively have a place holder for a sales call to a physician, hospital, or clinic. To distinguish between the planned calls and other appointments, activities, or scheduled calls on your calendar, the following color coding is used:

  • Appointments, activities, and scheduled calls appear on your calendar in blue font.
  • Planned calls; that is, calls with a status of Planned, appear on your calendar in red font.

Planned calls are not visible by default on your calendar. To see planned calls on your calendar, your user role must include the Life Sciences privilege Calls: Calendar Planned Calls.

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