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Changing an Account Primary Contact

An account can have multiple contacts, but one of the contacts must be specified as the primary contact for the account. By default, the first contact added for the account is the primary contact, but you can change this setting.

To change an account primary contact

  1. Select the account.

    For instructions on selecting accounts, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Account Detail page, click Edit.

    NOTE: If the Primary Contact field is not displayed on the Account Detail and Account Edit page, contact your company administrator to have the field added to your page layout.

    TIP: If the inline edit feature is enabled for your company, you can change the primary contact inline on the Account Detail page. For more information on inline editing, see Updating Record Details.

  3. On the Account Edit page, click the Lookup icon on the Primary Contact field.
  4. In the Lookup window, select the new primary contact.
  5. On the Account Edit page, click Save.

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