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Allowing Users to Change Columns in Reports

Use the Column Selector view to allow users to dynamically change which columns appear in a report. One column selector can be attached to each column in a specific report, and multiple columns (attributes) can be attached to each column selector.

To add or modify a Column Selector view

  1. In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, in the Create Layout page, perform one of the following actions:
    • To add a new column selector view, click Add View, select Advanced, and then select Column Selector.
    • To edit an existing column selector view, click the Edit View button for the column selector view.

      The workspace shows the options and settings for the view.

  2. Select the Enable check box for each column in which you want a column selector to appear.
  3. Enter a Column Label for each selector and select a Label Position for the label.

    NOTE: If you do not enter a label, users viewing the results will not see a label on the selector.

  4. If you want results to be refreshed as soon as a user selects any new choice from a column selector, select the Automatically refresh when a new column is selected check box. If you deselect this check box, users see a Go button next to the column selectors, and must click Go to see the new results.
  5. Select the Display Results check box to preview the column selector view.
  6. Click OK to return to the Layout Views page.
  7. To move or edit the column selector view (and other views, as required) on the page, do the following:
    • To move a view to a different location on the page, drag the view, and drop it in the new location.
    • To format the appearance of the column selector view, click the Format View button for the view.

      You can specify Cell, Border, Background, and Additional Formatting Options (Width, Height, Indent, Right Padding, Top Padding, Bottom Padding).

    • To edit the column selector view, click the Edit View button for the view.
    • To delete the column selector view, click the Delete View button for the view.
  8. When you finish making your changes, save the report.

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