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Changing Your Action Bar Layout

Your company administrator assigns an action bar layout to each user role. Your company administrator can also make the Action bar unavailable to your user role.

If the Action bar is available to your user role, then it appears on the left side of all Oracle CRM On Demand pages by default. You can hide and show the Action bar as required. For more information, see Showing or Hiding the Action Bar.

If the Personalize Action Bar privilege is enabled for your role, then you can display or hide any of the Action bar sections, including Web applets, that your company administrator has made available in the Action bar layout for your user role. For more information about your user-role settings, contact your company administrator.

To change your Action bar layout

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the My Setup global link.
  2. In the Layout Personalization section, click Personal Layout.
  3. In the Personal Layout page, in the Personal Action Bar Layout section, click Action Bar Layout.
  4. In the Personal Layout page, use the arrows to move the sections as follows:
    • Move the sections you want to appear in the Action bar from the Available Sections section to the Displayed Sections section
    • Move the sections you do not want to appear in the Action bar from the Displayed Sections section to the Available Sections section.

      NOTE: For the Action bar to show in Oracle CRM On Demand, there must be at least one section in the Displayed Sections section of the page.

  5. Scroll to the Customize Favorites section and select the appropriate option to have new favorites added to the start or the end of a favorites list (Favorite Records and Favorite Lists), depending on your preference.

    For more information on Favorite Records, see Favorite Records Page. For more information on Favorite Lists, see Favorite Lists Page.

  6. Save the record.

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