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Use the Claim pages to create, update, and track any type of claim. Claims are typically the claims of a contact or business that an insurance company manages.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking claims information, the Claims tab might be excluded from your setup.

A claim is a formal, written demand to an insurance company to reimburse the loss of, or damage to, an insured object.

Understanding a customer’s claim history, including the current claim status, can help sales and service personnel become more knowledgeable about this important aspect of the insurer-customer relationship. Insurers can also use the Claim pages to record critical information quickly regarding the first notice of loss, and accurately route the claim to the appropriate personnel.

The claim record type supports all types of first-notice-of-loss claims, such as auto, property, general liability, and so on. A claim can have parent claims, so all types of claim structures and hierarchies are supported, for example, you can organize claims into claim groups.

You can use the Claim Detail page to identify and capture profile and detailed information about a claim. You can also use the Claim Detail page to review a claim’s child claims and other related information including:

  • Involved Parties
  • Damages
  • Activities

    An activity can be related to a claim. You can view all activities related to a claim on the Claim Detail page.

  • Service requests

A service request can be related to a claim. You can view all service requests related to a claim on the Claim Detail page.

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