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Communication Activities List Page (Oracle Contact On Demand)

The Activities List page for Oracle Contact On Demand shows the subset or list of customer interactions you selected in the Communication Homepage. From the Activities List Page, you can review multiple interactions at a glance. You can also select one to review or update.

How to view the Activities List page

  1. Click the Calls, Voicemail, or Email tab.
  2. In the Inbox section, click the Show Full List link.

    The Activities List page displays a list of all customer interactions.

You can determine the period during which the Communication Homepage Inbox displays the current and completed activities in your personal profile. For more information, see Updating Your Personal Details.

Using the drop-down menu, you can also switch to another list. The drop-down list contains both standard lists distributed with the application and custom lists for your company. For a description of the standard lists, see the Communications Lists Section table in Working with the Communication Homepage.

NOTE: Activities include Appointments, Tasks, and Communication Activities. You cannot delete Oracle Contact On Demand Activities from the Communications Tab, Calendar or Home pages.

The following table describes what you can do from the Activities List Page:

To do this

Follow these steps

Create a filtered list

Click the Manage Lists link in the title bar, and then click New List. This opens a wizard to guide you through the process.

Create a task record

Click New Task on the title bar. On the Task Edit page, enter the required information and save the record.

Find an activity

Click the Subject column header. Then click a letter in the alphabet bar. For activities beginning with numbers, click 0-9.

Page through the list

Click the navigation icons at the top or bottom of the list page to move to the next page, previous page, first page, or last page in the list.

Show more/fewer records

In the Number of records displayed drop-down list at the bottom of the page, select a number of records to see at one time.

View a different subset of activities

Click the drop-down list on the title bar and change the selection. The drop-down list contains all filtered lists available to you.

View activity details

Click the Subject for the activity you want to view. This opens the Detail page.

View all activities at your company

In the title bar, click the drop-down list and select an item.

Oracle Contact On Demand Toolbar

Oracle Contact On Demand adds two sections to the Action bar: Communication Tools and Voice Controls. This table describes the options you might see in these two areas, depending on your responsibilities.



Communication Tools


Allows you to change your work status to Available or Unavailable for accepting phone calls.


Allows you to place an internal call or outbound call.


Allows supervisors to monitor and record agent’s calls and listen to Agent's recordings.

User Preference

Allows you to change the phone where you accept incoming calls as well as other settings.


Tracks your session statistics. For more information, see Reviewing Your Statistics.

Voice Controls

Specific to each of the two phone lines in use.


Accepts callbacks (used when working On Hook),


Declines a callback or declines a call routed to you.


Ends an active call.


Places a call on hold, which allows you to make an outbound call to an external source. Click this button a second time to return to the call.


Transfers an active call to another agent, group, or external source.


Records the active call, which is saved as a wav file and can be played on your local media player.

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