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Handling Callbacks (Web and Phone)

Oracle Contact On Demand provides Web callback and callback capabilities, which must be set up by the administrator:

  • Web Callbacks. Customers access a form on the company Web site to schedule a callback.
  • Callbacks. Customers request a callback through the phone menu when they contact the call center.

When a request for a callback is submitted through either the Web page or phone menu, the callback is routed to the best suited available agent. That agent sees a flashing alert, and the call buttons become activated.

To accept a callback

  • Click Answer when you see the alert notification in your Action bar.

    Accepting the callback passes the call to you. Your phone rings, and when you answer it, the call is made to the requesting party. If you accept a Web callback, the Web CallBack dialog box displays information, which the caller entered in the Web callback form.

    NOTE: For Web callbacks, the Oracle Contact On Demand detail page is not displayed. However, the Activity records are automatically linked to any matching records.

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