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Disabling the Communications Toolbar in a Browser Session

If you are using multiple browser sessions in Oracle CRM On Demand to talk simultaneously to a customer and add details to a form, such as a Service Request, you can disable Communications Tools in one Oracle CRM On Demand browser session. This feature allows you to save the details that you are entering in the form. In the second Oracle CRM On Demand browser session, you can use Communications Tools to manage customer communications.

NOTE: The disabled Communication Tools section remains disabled in the browser session until you sign out, and then sign in again to Oracle CRM On Demand. It is not necessary to close the browser window.

To disable Communications Toolbar in browser session 1

  1. From the Action bar, click the X button on the Communications Toolbar section title bar.

    TIP: Move the pointer over the button to see a ToolTip that displays information about the button's functionality.

    When the Disable Communications Toolbar button is clicked, a confirmation request appears.

  2. Click OK to disable the Communications Toolbar.

NOTE: If you disable the Communications Toolbar, you cannot use the Discard, Wrapup, Reassign and Open Email buttons, or Oracle Contact On Demand attachments, for example, viewing Interaction History from a Call Detail page, from the browser session. You can sign in again to Oracle CRM On Demand to enable the Communications Toolbar.

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