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Monitoring Agents

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, you need to be set up as a Supervisor in Oracle Contact On Demand.

You can use the monitor feature as a coaching tool to help agents best deal with customer issues. When you monitor an agent, they do not know when you are listening to their communications.

To monitor an agent’s call

  1. In the Communication Tools section in the Action bar, navigate to Supervisor, then Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor Agent window, select the Agent Name.

    TIP:  To find the agent in the list, use the Search for an Agent field.

  3. Select the monitoring or recording control for the current call:
    • Listen. You can hear the conversation, but neither the customer nor agent can hear you.
    • Whisper. You can hear the conversation and can coach the agent. The customer cannot hear you.
    • Take Over. You take control of the phone call with the customer. This disconnects the agent from the call and the Wrap Up form appears on the agent’s screen.
    • Join. You join the conversation. Both the agent and customer hear you.
    • Record/Stop Recording. You record the conversation. When you stop recording, the wav file is stored as an attachment to this activity in the interaction history.
    • Log Out Agent. You sign out the agent from the application. Use this option for signing out remote agents that have left their workstation. When you select this option, a message appears asking you if you want to disconnect the channel. Selecting Yes disconnects the phone call the agent was on.

To listen to an agent's recording

  1. In the Communication Tools section in the Action bar, click Supervisor, and select Recordings.

    This displays the recordings made by the supervisor while monitoring an agent.

    NOTE: Recordings made by the agent are available in the Interaction History.

  2. In the Recordings window, select the recording.

    TIP: To find the recording in the list, complete the User, From and To fields and click Search. You can also use the calendar icons to complete the From and To fields.

  3. Select the recording control for the current recording:
    • Play. You can play the selected recording.
    • Close. You stop the recording and close the Recordings window.

      TIP: If you have problems listening to recorded messages, change the default media player on your machine.

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