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Preparing for Interacting with Customers

The following topics contain step-by-step procedures used in preparing to interact with customers.

Accessing Oracle Contact On Demand

When you sign in to Oracle CRM On Demand, the Communications tab should appear along with Accounts, Contacts, and so on. If it does not appear, do the following:

  • Click the arrow to the right of the row of tabs, and select Communications from the drop-down list.

    NOTE: If Communications does not appear as an option, you might have to add the tab to your layout or contact your company administrator. For instructions on displaying tabs, see Displaying Your Tabs.

Updating Your Phone Number

When you want to receive phone calls at another location, be sure to update your phone number. The phone number that you enter is the one where the application directs your phone calls.

To update your phone number

  1. In the Communication Tools section in the Action bar, click User Preference.
  2. In the Configuration window, update the Phone Settings:
    • SIP Address. Protocol standard for receiving VoIP phone calls. Update this field if your company uses SIP-based VoIP.
    • Outside Phone (Remote Extension). Phone number where Oracle Contact On Demand routes your incoming calls. You can update this phone number at any time.
    • Play Announcement. Prompts you to press a digit (DTMF key) before the call is routed to you.

      TIP: If you work from home, you might want to select this option. This option prevents other people, such as children, from accidentally picking up a phone call routed from the call center.

  3. Click OK to close the Configuration window.

    The new settings take effect immediately.

Setting User Preferences

To change your personal greeting, work off hook, and change other phone-handling behavior, you need to update your user settings.

To set your user preferences

  1. In the Communication Tools section in the Action bar, click User Preference.
  2. In the Configuration window, select the General Phone and Voicemail Prompt settings you want:



General Phone


Incoming Call Screen Pop

Automatically opens the Service Request, Campaign, Contact, Lead, Account, or Call Detail page when you answer a phone call.

The application searches the Oracle CRM On Demand database for existing records that match the caller’s phone number. If one match is found, the matching record appears (Service Request, Contact, Lead, or Account record). The Call Detail page appears in other cases, for example, if there is no match, or if there are multiple matches. For more information on matching records in Oracle CRM On Demand, see About Oracle Contact On Demand.

Work Off Hook (Disable Dial Tone)

Keeps your line open after the first call is taken so that you do not have to pick up your phone to answer it. Instead, you can use the Voice Controls section in the Action bar to answer the phone.

Automatic Call Acceptance

(Available only when working off hook) Automatically accepts the inbound call so callers are connected without you taking any additional steps. A beep alerts the agent to indicate there is a caller on the line.

Phone Settings

For information on the Phone Settings options, see "Updating Your Phone Number", above.

Voicemail Prompt


Agent Name Prompt Wav File

Recording that states your name.

Voicemail Greeting prompt Wav File

Recording that plays when a call is routed to your voicemail.

Welcome Prompt Wav File

Recording that plays when a customer is routed to your phone number.

Record a personalized prompt

Records your personal message. This prompt is used to automatically greet callers when the Play Greeting feature is activated by your Administrator.


Checking Your Oracle Contact On Demand Inbox

Inbox (on the Communication tab) section lists the channel-specific interactions still in progress that have been assigned to you within the chosen sub tab (Calls, Voicemail or Email). Oracle Contact On Demand considers these communications active until the following occurs:

  • Phone calls. They are wrapped up when the call is terminated. The wrap up form automatically displays the status to Completed. To apply the Completed status to the activity, click Save in the wrap up screen. To leave the activity in the In Progress state, click Cancel. When the call is wrapped up, it is no longer displayed in the Inbox.
  • Voicemails. You must manually select Wrap Up after you listen to a voicemail.The wrap up form automatically displays the status as Completed. When the voicemail is wrapped up, it is no longer displayed in the Inbox.
  • Emails. You can reply, reassign, or discard email (junk mail, for example). When you reply to an email, a Wrap Up window automatically is displayed. This window allows the agent to include additional information in the Completed Email Activity.

    After the email is reassigned, or after the system automatically reassigns an email because an agent did not respond quickly enough, the email no longer appears in the agent's Inbox.

    NOTE: Email activities are not saved in Oracle CRM On Demand until they are replied to and wrapped up with a status of Completed. Your company administrator can also configure Oracle Contact On Demand to automatically wrap up an activity without a Wrap Up window displaying in Oracle Contact On Demand. For more information, see Wrapping Up Communication Activities.

Making Yourself Available

For you to receive new call and voicemail interactions, your status must be Available. You can receive email interactions when your status is Available. Depending on how your administrator has set up your status, it might change to Available as soon as you sign in to the application. If not, you need to manually set your status to Available.

When your status is Available, you can:

  • Receive one or many types of new customer communications assigned to you (phone calls, emails, voicemails). The type and number of communications depends on the settings your administrator configured.
  • See data pertaining to the inbound interactions displayed in the Action bar.

To make yourself available for phone calls

  • In the Communication Tools section in the Action bar, click Unavailable.

    The Unavailable status changes to Available.

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