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Wrapping Up Communication Activities

Your administrator determines if the Wrap Up form in your Oracle Contact On Demand is enabled automatically or manually. By default, Wrap Up forms are obligatory, and only your administrator can enable or disable Wrap Up forms in Oracle Contact On Demand.

TIP: The Auto Wrap Up setting is available in the Company Profile section of Oracle CRM On Demand. Only administrators can enable or disable this setting. For more information on configuring the Auto Wrap Up settings, see Oracle Contact On Demand Administration Manager Guide and Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Administration Manager Guide.

When you end any communication (calls, voicemails, emails), Oracle Contact On Demand automatically creates an activity and displays the Wrap Up form. You must complete the Wrap Up form to complete the communication activity.

If a Wrap Up form does not display, do the following:

  • Check with your administrator that your Wrap Up form is enabled.
  • Check if your browser has a pop-up blocker enabled.

CAUTION: Do not wrap up an activity while a call is still active, otherwise a second Wrap Up form is displayed when you hang up the phone. Do not leave multiple wrap up windows open, otherwise it is difficult to determine which Wrap Up form belongs to which call.

NOTE: Each individual activity opens one individual Wrap Up form. You can customize your Wrap Up forms in the Activity Application Customization page in Oracle CRM On Demand. For more information on customizing Wrap Up Layout forms, see Customizing Static Page Layouts. For more information on assigning customized Wrap Up forms to specific users, see Adding Roles.

If the Wrap Up form is displayed while you are editing a record, the data already entered for this record is not lost, because the open page you are editing does not refresh when Oracle Contact On Demand saves the data on the Wrap Up form.

In the Wrap Up form, you can summarize what occurred during the communication. You can also link other records to the activity, such as accounts and contacts in the Wrap Up form. Linking records creates a historical audit of all communications between your company and a contact or account. You can also track all communications required to resolve a service request or all communications generated by a specific campaign, which helps your company to measure overall campaign effectiveness.

The following table describes some fields in the Wrap Up form.



Key Task Information


Alias of the record owner. Generally, the owner can update the record, transfer the record to another owner, or delete the record. However, access levels can be adjusted to restrict or expand a user’s access.

This value affects which records are included in reports you or your managers run, as well as visibility in managed lists.


Default is the Activity Subtype followed by the phone number or email address.


Priority for this activity, as determined by your company setup. Read-only field.


Phone number or email address from which the call is made or the email address sent. Read-only field.


Phone number that the agent dials or target email address for the email. Read-only field.


Defaults to Completed in the Wrap Up form. If you save the information with a status of Completed, the activity appears in the Recently Completed Communications section on your Communications Homepage.


Activity type as defined at your company. Read-only.

Activity Subtype

Specific activity type. You cannot edit these values; only your company administrator can change or add values to the drop-down list.

Default values are Inbound Call, Outbound Call, Inbound Transfer, Outbound Transfer, Missed Transfer, Inbound Email, Outbound Email, Forwarded Email, Reassigned Email, Email Response, Inbound Voicemail, Outbound Voicemail, Forwarded Voicemail, Reassigned Voicemail, Callback, and Web Callback.

Resolution Code

Short description of how this call is resolved.

Default values are Bad Number, Busy, Call Back, Customer Update, Discarded Email, General Question, Literature Request, New Account, New Contact, New Lead, New Opportunity, New Service Request, No Answer, Not Interested, Outside Transfer, Other, Product Question, Reassigned to Agent, Reassigned to Group, Response Given, Scheduled Follow Up, Transferred to Agent, Transferred to Group, and Transferred to Voicemail.

Your company administrator can change or add values to the drop-down list.

Related Items

Records linked to the activity. Oracle Contact On Demand automatically links records when the activity is created based on information captured by the application, such as origin, destination, and other caller entered digits.

You can also create new records that are automatically linked to this activity or select existing ones to link. Click the Lookup icon next to the record type. On the Search page, select the existing record or click New, enter the required information on the Edit page, and save the record.

Additional Information

Modified By

Name of the person who creates or updates the record followed by the date and time it occurs. System-generated.


Additional information about the call. Limit of 16,350 characters.

Using automatic Wrap Up forms

You have one minute to complete the Wrap Up form, however, this time can be modified by an administrator. If you exceed the time limit allowed to enter the information in the Wrap Up form, a timer alert displays. Click OK and continue entering information, then Save. No further timer alerts display after the first timer alert. If the Wrap Up form is opened automatically, the Cancel button is grayed out, and cannot be used. If you close the Wrap Up form window, information you entered, if any, is saved.

Using manual Wrap Up forms

If the Wrap Up form is opened manually, you can close the Wrap Up form without saving the details by selecting the Cancel button.

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