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Creating Personal Extract Requests

To synchronize with Oracle CRM On Demand, a client application issues Web service calls to create a personal extract request based on a personal extract definition, and retrieve the data files generated from the request. The call to create a personal extract request can be made:

  • By a user to create a personal extract request for themselves for a particular client,
  • By an administrator to create a personal extract request for a particular user for a particular client.

For more information about these Web services, see Oracle Web Services On Demand Guide.

A user can have only one personal export request for a particular client application in process; that is, the request is queued, requeued, or processing. If a second request is received while the first request is being processed, then an error message is sent to the client application. A user can submit multiple personal extract requests but only if the specified client name value is different for each request. However, an administrator can request a personal extract for a user even if the user has submitted a request for the same client name value. When a personal data extract request is completed, an email message is sent to the user for whom the extract was requested.

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