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About Workflow Actions

You can create multiple actions for a workflow rule, up to a maximum of 25 actions for each rule.

You can create the following types of workflow actions:

  • Assign a Book. The Assign a Book action assigns a book to a record when the conditions on the workflow rule are met.
  • Create Integration Event. The Create Integration Event action sends an integration event to one or more integration queues when the conditions on the workflow rule are met and a change is detected in at least one of the fields that are tracked by the Create Integration Event action.
  • Create Task. The Create Task action creates a task when the conditions on the workflow rule are met.
  • Send Email. The Send Email action sends email when the conditions on the workflow rule are met.
  • Update Values. The Update Values action updates fields when a record is changed, without losing the information about the original change (that is, information about when the record was changed, by whom, and what data was changed). The action is performed at the end of the wait period defined in one or more Wait actions that precede the Update Values action on the workflow rule.
  • Wait. The Wait action causes Oracle CRM On Demand to delay the execution of other (following) actions on a workflow rule until a period has passed, or a certain date and time have been reached.

Three additional workflow actions are available only in Oracle CRM On Demand for Partner Relationship Management:

  • Partner Book Sync
  • Book Partner Sync
  • Owner Partner Account Sync

For more information on these actions and how you can use them, see Oracle CRM On Demand for Partner Relationship Management Configuration Guide, available from the Oracle CRM On Demand documentation library on Oracle Technology Network.

NOTE: If you specify more than one action for a workflow rule, the actions are performed in the order specified on the workflow rule, starting with the action numbered 1. Each action is completed before the next action starts. After you have created the actions for the workflow rule, you can change the order of the actions. For more information, see Changing the Order of Workflow Rule Actions.

When creating actions for workflow rules, you use Expression Builder to select fields from records and to define expressions to calculate variables. You can merge the record fields and variables in the subject and message body text of an email, the subject and description text of a task, or the new value for a field that you want to update. You can also use Expression Builder to calculate the duration or the end date and time of a wait period in Wait actions on workflow rules. Field names and variables in the expressions you define are replaced by values when the workflow rules are implemented. For more information about Expression Builder, see Expression Builder.

For step-by-step procedures for creating workflow actions, see the following topics:

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