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Creating Record Homepage Layouts

You can create custom Homepage layouts for all record types. This feature allows you to provide the most relevant information to different users, including the ability to display custom reports on record type Homepages. For example, you can configure the Service Request Homepage for a customer service representative to show the user's current service-request-related task and a custom service-request report.

NOTE: If you want to use a prebuilt or custom report in a custom Homepage layout, you must first create a Homepage custom report record for the report, using the procedure described in Creating Homepage Custom Reports.

You can copy an existing Homepage layout and then modify it to your requirements. You can also edit existing Homepage layouts, with the exception of the default Homepage layout, which is read-only. You can copy the default Hompeage layout, but you cannot delete or edit it.

After you create a custom Homepage layout, you must use the Role Management Wizard to assign the layout to the user roles that need to use that layout. Users whose role includes the Personalize Homepage privilege can customize their own Homepage layout for a record type. The customized layout can display any of the sections that you make available to them in the Homepage layout that is assigned to the users' role for that record type.

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your role must include the Customize Application privilege and the Customize Application – Manage Homepage Customization privilege.

To create or modify a Homepage layout

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Application Customization section, click the Application Customization link.
  3. In the Record Type Setup section, click the link for the required record type.
  4. In the Homepage Layout Management section, click the record type Homepage Layout link.
  5. In the Homepage Layout list, do one of the following:
    • Click Edit or Copy to modify an existing layout.
    • Click the New Layout button to create a new layout.

      The Homepage Layout Wizard appears to guide you through the process.

  6. In Step 1 Layout Name, enter a name for the layout, and a description if required.
  7. In Step 2 Homepage Layout, specify the available and displayed sections as follows:
    • Move sections from the All Sections list to the Available Sections list.

      The Available Sections list includes the sections that can be added to a Homepage. If you do not want a user to be able add a section to a Homepage, leave the section in the All Sections list.

    • Move sections from the Left Side list to the Right Side list, and rearrange the information in both lists as required.

      Leave sections that are double width in the Left Side list. They automatically stretch across the Homepage when it is displayed.

  8. Click Finish.

NOTE: After you add a custom Homepage layout to the application, you need to make it available to a user role before users can see it. For more information on adding and modifying user roles, see Adding Roles. Users whose role has the Personalize Homepage privilege can edit the layout of their Homepages with any list or report you make available to them in the Homepage layout assigned to their role for that record type.

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