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Setting Up Custom Field Integration Tags

Integration tags for custom fields are language independent symbolic identifiers that get assigned to every custom field. These tags are used by Web Services (used when generating WSDL files) and Web Link custom field parameters. These tags allow an administrator to set a meaningful integration name for each custom field. This name is used by integration components, so that the label names can be changed without affecting existing integrations. Integration tags are not visible to end users.

Expression Builder uses integration tags. So, they are also used when creating workflow rules and fields. For more information about workflow rules, see Creating Workflow Rules. For more information about creating and editing fields, see Creating and Editing Fields.

CAUTION: Do not change integration tags after setting them up. If you do, you risk losing any technologies that reference the integration tags.

To set the integration tag for a custom field

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Application Customization section, click the Application Customization link.
  3. In the Record Types Setup section, click the link for the required record type.
  4. In the Field Management section, click record type Field Setup.
  5. On the record type Fields page, click Rename Fields.
  6. On the Rename Fields page, click the Advanced button.
  7. Update the Integration Tag.

TIP:  For the Integration Tag, use a short, descriptive name that easily identifies this custom field. This tag is referenced by Web Services, Web links, and other integration technologies (WSDL files for Web Services and URL Parameters for Web Links).

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