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Data Checking Guidelines

Check the data in your CSV file before importing it into Oracle CRM On Demand:

  1. Check the guidelines for the field type of the data. See Field Type Guidelines for Importing Data.
  2. Check the specific information pertaining to each record type you want to import. .

    The drop-down list in the Import and Export Tools page shows the recommended sequence for importing records. The record types in the list depend on the industry-specific solutions you have implemented, however, you must import the record types in the sequence shown in the list.

NOTE: The data checking guidelines use examples relevant to the installations of Oracle CRM On Demand in the U.S and Canada. Other country-specific installations might change the default lists of valid values, so that they differ from the information shown in this topic. For example, the list of valid state or province values will probably be different for installations outside the U.S and Canada. Also, valid values might be different, depending on the languages that are supported.

Oracle CRM On Demand determines the field order in the export CSV file, and can change at any time. Therefore, do not rely on the fields in the export CSV file to be in a specific order. Renaming the iTAG or field name values has no impact on the order of the fields in the export file. If you want more control of field order, consider using Oracle Web services.

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