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Adding Content Saved in the Presentation Catalog to Interactive Dashboard Pages

You can add content that you or someone else has already saved in a shared folder or dashboard, such as dashboard prompts and reports. To locate the content, you can browse by looking for the Presentation Catalog folder that the content is stored in, or for the dashboard that it appears on.

Before you begin. To create and edit interactive dashboards, your role must include the Manage Dashboards privilege.

To add content saved in the Presentation Catalog to interactive dashboard pages

  1. Navigate to the dashboard editor.

    For information on navigating to the dashboard editor, see Navigating to the Dashboard Editor.

  2. From the selection pane on the Dashboard Editor page, in the Saved Content area, navigate to the folder or dashboard that contains the content you want to add to the dashboard.
  3. Locate the content that you want to add, and drag and drop it into a section in the dashboard page.

    This step adds a shortcut to the content that was saved in the Presentation Catalog. If the content changes, the change will be reflected on the dashboard page.

    For information about editing the properties of dashboard prompts and reports, see Editing the Properties of Interactive Dashboard Prompts and Reports.

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