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Creating Interactive Dashboards

This topic describes how to create a new interactive dashboard.

Before you begin. To create and edit interactive dashboards, your role must include the Manage Dashboards privilege.

To create an interactive dashboard

  1. Click the Dashboard tab.
  2. On the Dashboard page, click the Manage Dashboards link.
  3. On the Manage Dashboards page, click New Dashboard.
  4. On the Dashboards Edit page, enter the name and description for the dashboard, and then click Save.

    The Manage Dashboards page is displayed again.

  5. On the Manage Dashboards page, click the Design link for the dashboard that you created.

    The dashboard editor in Oracle CRM On Demand Answers appears in a separate window, independent of the other Oracle CRM On Demand pages. The name of the new dashboard appears at the top of the page

    NOTE: Newly created dashboards contain one blank page. Dashboards that contain only one page do not display the page name as a tab at the top of the dashboard. Dashboard page names appear at the top of a dashboard only when the dashboard contains multiple pages.

    NOTE: The maximum number of dashboards that can be displayed on the Dashboards drop-down menu is 199. If you create more dashboards, you cannot access them using the Dashboards drop-down menu.

When you have created your dashboard, you can add content to the dashboard. For information on how to manage dashboard content, control the appearance of dashboards, and add pages to dashboards, see the following topics:

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