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Deleting Dashboard Objects

You can delete dashboard objects from interactive dashboard pages. If the dashboard object that you delete is already saved in the Oracle CRM On Demand Presentation Catalog, the object is deleted from the dashboard page only. It is not deleted from the Presentation Catalog. (Note that users with the appropriate permissions can edit the contents of the Presentation Catalog by clicking Manage on the Catalog tab in the selection pane in Oracle CRM On Demand Answers.)

Before you begin. To create and edit interactive dashboards, your role must include the Manage Dashboards privilege.

To delete a dashboard object from an interactive dashboard page

  1. Navigate to the dashboard editor.

    For information on navigating to the dashboard editor, see Navigating to the Dashboard Editor.

  2. In the Dashboard Editor page, click Delete for the dashboard object.

    NOTE: When you delete a column, the other columns on the page might resize automatically to maintain the column alignment.

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