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Controlling How Results Display When Users Drill Down in Interactive Dashboard Pages

You can control how results are displayed when a user drills down on a report in an interactive dashboard. The results can be displayed in one of the following ways:

  • The new results can be displayed directly in the dashboard, replacing the original report.

    This is the default behavior. The area occupied by the original report resizes automatically to hold the new results.

  • The entire dashboard can be replaced with the new results.

This behavior is controlled by the Drill in Place option in the dashboard editor. The option is set at the section level, which means that it applies to all drillable reports within the section. Users can click the browser's Back button to return to the original report or the dashboard.

Before you begin. To create and edit interactive dashboards, your role must include the Manage Dashboards privilege.

To control how results display when users drill down in interactive dashboard pages

  1. Navigate to the dashboard editor.

    For information on navigating to the dashboard editor, see Navigating to the Dashboard Editor.

  2. On the Dashboard Editor page, click the Properties button for the section and make your selection for the Drill in Place option:
    • To show the new results directly in the dashboard, click Drill in Place to select it. A check mark appears next to this option when it is selected. This is the default behavior.
    • To replace the dashboard with the new results, click Drill in Place to remove the check mark.

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