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Activating a Sample Disclaimer

All sample disclaimer records are automatically assigned a status of Inactive when they are created. When all the text in a sample disclaimer record is defined and approved by the appropriate departments within your company, then you can activate the sample disclaimer record.

The following restrictions apply to sample disclaimers:

  • Only one sample disclaimer record can be active at any time.
  • You cannot make changes to an expired or currently active sample disclaimer.
  • Sales representatives, physicians, and other health care professionals can view the sample disclaimer that is currently active during the signature capture process.

Before you begin. To activate sample disclaimers, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To activate a sample disclaimer record

  1. On the Sample Disclaimer List page, click Edit to open the sample disclaimer record that you want. You must select a sample disclaimer record that has a status of Inactive.
  2. On the Sample Disclaimer Edit page, click Activate to activate the sample disclaimer record.

    This step does the following:

    • Sets the start date for the newly activated sample disclaimer and the end date for the previously active sample disclaimer (if there was one)
    • Sets the status of the changes to the previously active sample disclaimer to Expired

      NOTE: The Activate button is disabled if you open an Active or Expired sample disclaimer record.

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