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Embedding a Message Center Widget

You can embed the Oracle CRM On Demand Message Center in desktop applications that support Web widgets. You can also embed it in portals and in standalone Web pages. Using the Message Center widget, you can access messages received in Oracle CRM On Demand without logging in to Oracle CRM On Demand. The Message Center is located in the Action Bar of the Oracle CRM On Demand Homepage.

NOTE: This feature is available to you in Oracle CRM On Demand only if the feature is enabled by your company administrator.

To embed Message Center

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the My Setup global link.
  2. In your Personal Homepage, in the Data and Integration Tools section, click Embed CRM On Demand Content.
  3. From the Message Center Widget section, copy the HTML code to your application.

    When you successfully embed this HTML code in your application, an Oracle CRM On Demand sign-in window appears.

  4. Enter your Oracle CRM On Demand sign-in details to access the messages in your Message Center.
  5. Click Refresh to access the new messages.

TIP: You can use the Add to Google button to quickly add this On Demand widget to iGoogle.

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