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About Expression Builder

Oracle On Demand Expression Builder (Expression Builder) is a tool for implementing business rules using expressions. An expression is a valid combination of one or more operators, functions, fields, and literals that can be evaluated by Oracle CRM On Demand.

Expression Builder is used in the following areas in Oracle CRM On Demand:

  • Advanced field management, in the following contexts:
    • Configuring field validation properties on a field
    • Specifying default field values

      When defining field level validations and default field values, a company administrator can create flexible expressions to cover a variety of business rules. For more information on field validation and default values, see About Field Management.

  • Workflow rules, in the following contexts:
    • Configuring workflow rule conditions
    • Configuring Send Email actions
    • Configuring Update Values actions

      From the Workflow pages, a company administrator can set up workflow rules that are evaluated when a record is updated, created, or deleted. Expressions are used to define both the conditions on the rules, and the actions that are executed by the rules. For more information about workflow rules, see About Workflow Rules.

NOTE: Expression Builder can verify the syntax of an expression, but it cannot evaluate or verify an expression for mathematical, logical, or semantic accuracy.

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