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Financial Plan Fields

Use the Financial Plan Edit page to add a financial plan or update details for an existing financial plan. The Financial Plan Edit page shows the complete set of fields for a financial plan.

TIP: You can also edit financial plans on the Financial Plan List page and the Financial Plan Detail page. For more information on updating records, see Updating Record Details

NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names for record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help.

The following table provides additional information regarding some of the Financial Plan fields.



Financial Plan Profile

Financial Plan Name

The name of the financial plan.


The financial plan type. Examples are: retirement, portfolio, wealth, education, and so on.

Financial Account

The financial account with which the plan is associated.


The financial plan status. Examples are: In Process, Active, Approved, Under Review by Management, Under Review by Customer, and so on.

Sent to Contact

Select the check box to indicate whether this financial plan has been sent to the contact.

Approved by Contact

Select the check box to indicate whether this financial plan has been approved by the contact.

Financial Plan Summary

External Source

The source of the external information about the financial plan, for example, an application name, database name, integration name, and so on. This field is limited to 50 characters.

External Last Updated

The date and time when the data for this financial plan was last updated (from the external source).

Integration ID

The integration ID for this financial plan.


The detailed description of the financial plan. This field is limited to 16350 characters.

Additional Information


The owner of the financial plan record.

Depending on the record ownership mode that your company administrator sets up for the record type, you might see the Owner field, or the Book field, or both of these fields on the record Detail page, and one or both of the fields might be blank. For more information about record ownership modes, see About Data Access, Record Sharing, and Record Ownership.

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