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Financial Plans

Use the Financial Plan pages to create, update, and track financial plans for a financial account. Financial plans are typically the financial plan of a contact or business for one or more specific financial accounts that a financial institution manages.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking financial-account plan information, the Financial Plan tab might be excluded from your setup.

A financial plan enables high-level financial planning by providing access to information like the status, stage of plan, and approvals. It also provides links to the middle-office and back-office applications. Batch feeds and updates from Web services are commonly used to integrate middle-office and back-office information in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Using financial plans, financial institutions can integrate customer relationship management with financial planning tasks, workflows, and deliverables throughout the entire financial-planning lifecycle. Using this feature, you can track activities, opportunities, service requests and leads for a financial plan to enable client and household-centric financial planning.

You can use the Financial Plan pages to identify and profile a financial plan. You can also use the Financial Plan pages to review a financial plan's subaccounts and other related information including:

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