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Financial Products

Use the Financial Products pages to create, update, and track any type of financial product.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking financial product information, the Financial Products tab might be excluded from your setup.

A financial product in Oracle CRM On Demand can be a specific physical good or service that a financial institution offers to its customers, or a grouping of financial products, but can also refer to any financial product from any financial institution.

Financial products can be used to track financial product types, such as loans, direct deposits (checking and savings accounts), market interest deposits (or money market accounts), time deposits (or certificates of deposits), and so on. Financial products can also be equities, derivatives, separate accounts, and hedge or mutual funds.

Using financial product records, financial institutions can view the details about financial products, including high-level product details, URL links to financial product Web sites, or catalogs. Using this feature, you can access the latest financial product details and related information about activities, opportunities, service requests, and calendars for your customers.

The financial product record type also supports financial-product hierarchies. These hierarchies allow the grouping of financial products into groups, for example, bundled offerings, mutual funds, or any other multihierarchy or multigrouping that is required.

Some examples of financial-product hierarchies are shown in the following figures.

Figure 4 shows an example of a mutual fund hierarchy.

Mutual Fund Hierarchy

Figure 5 shows an example of an insurance policy hierarchy.

Insurance Policy Hierarchy

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