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Working with the Forecast Homepage

The Forecast Homepage is the starting point for managing forecasts. This page lists forecast summary information relevant to you.

You can limit the records listed on the Forecast Homepage using two different methods:

  • Locate specific forecasts by clicking a column heading to sort the records based on that column, and then clicking a letter in the Alpha bar to show only the records that begin with that letter. You can also type characters in the text field, and click Go to find the records beginning with those characters. Click the All link to show the entire list of forecasts.
  • Number of records displayed. Adjust the value in this field to show a greater or lesser number of records in the summary list.

The Forecast Homepage lists your forecasts according to the date on which they were created, with the most recent forecasts listed first. It also gives a summary of important information:

  • Status is the current state of the forecast. Successfully completed forecasts will have a status of Active. A forecast with a status of Submitted indicates the forecast is ready for management review.
  • Pipeline revenue is the combined revenue from all your records, regardless of the setting of the Forecast check box or sales stage on the individual records. Pipeline revenue is not applicable to account or contact revenue forecasts.
  • Forecast revenue equals the total revenue for all records that have the Forecast check box selected.
  • Closed revenue equals the total revenue for all opportunities or product revenue with a sales stage value of Closed-Won. For account and contact revenues, the status field value of Closed includes the record in the calculation of the closed revenue. Closed revenue is recognized for the revenue amount that pertains to the forecast period, which is based on the starting closing dates for the record.

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