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Fund Fields

Use the Fund Edit page to add a fund or update details for an existing fund. The Fund Edit page shows the complete set of fields for a fund record.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize your application in a variety of ways, such as changing names for record types, fields, and options in picklists. Therefore, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in this table.

The following table provides additional information regarding some fields.



Key Fund Information

Fund ID

The fund identifier. System-generated. (Required field.)

Fund Name

The name of the fund. Limit of 50 characters. (Required field.)

Start Date
End Date

Time period that the fund is valid.


Default options are Active, Closed, In Progress, or Suspended.


Indicates the fund type. The options for the fund type are:

  • MDF (Market Development Funds). MDF are monetary funds given by a manufacturer's sales or marketing department to help a partner, reseller, or distributor to sell its products, or to market the manufacturer's brand.
  • SPA (Special Pricing Authorization). SPA allows partners to request a special price for a product or group of products that is being sold.


Accounts must have the Partner field checked for them to appear in this selection list.

Allow Negative Balance

Selecting this check box enables the fund to carry a negative balance. For example, if the fund's balance is $500, then a fund request of $600 can be approved. If this check box is not selected, Oracle CRM On Demand displays a message indicating that negative balances are not allowed if the fund approver tries to approve the same $600 fund request. (Required field.)

This check box is selected by default.

Target Amount

The total dollar amount targeted for the fund. (Required field.)

Total Credits

Read-only field. The sum of all the fund credits that are created in the Fund Credits section.

Total Debits

Read-only field. This is the sum of all the fund debits that are created in the Fund Debits section. Once a Fund Claim is approved, a debit record is automatically created in the Fund Debit section.


Read-only field. Value is: (Total Credits - Total Debits).

Total Pre-Approved

Read-only field. The sum of all the Fund Requests approved for a given Fund. Once the Fund Manager approves a Fund Request, the value is reflected in this field.

Balance after Pre-Approvals

Read-only field. Value is: (Total Credits - Total Pre-Approved).

Fund Currency

The currency of the fund, for example, U.S. dollars or euro. Use the Currency selector icon to choose the currency of the fund.

Additional Information


The owner of the fund record.

Generally, the owner of a record can update the record, transfer the record to another owner, or delete the record. However, your company administrator can adjust the access levels to restrict or expand a user's access.

The value in the Owner field affects which records are included in reports that you or your managers run from Reports and Dashboard pages.


Limit of 250 characters.

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