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Use the Funds pages to create, update, and track funds.

A fund is typically a sum of money or a set of other resources that are set aside for a specific purpose. Funds can be market development funds, cooperative funds, trade promotion funds, and so on. From the Funds pages, you can manage a set of activities that require preapproval and process claims for marketing funds.

When you create a fund record, you become the owner of the fund or the fund manager. Typically, fund owners can update or delete fund records, add other users as fund participants, create credit and debit entries, and add attachments and notes to a fund. However, your company administrator can adjust your access levels to restrict or expand your access to fund records.

Fund participants can view the fund record, but they cannot edit it. They can also submit preapproval requests and claim requests against the funds in which they are listed as participants. Fund managers can view and edit all fund requests against the funds that they own and can approve or reject these fund requests.

NOTE: You cannot edit fund requests in which the Status field is set to Claim Approved.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include working with funds, the Funds tab might be excluded from your setup.

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