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Changing Your Homepage Layouts

If your user role includes the Personalize Homepages privilege, you can add and remove sections from your Homepage layouts (My Homepage, Account Homepage, Contact Homepage, Lead Homepage, Opportunity Homepage, and Service Request Homepage). Your company administrator configures the Homepage layouts that you see by default.

NOTE: You can also personalize Homepages by clicking the Edit Layout link on each Homepage.

To change your Homepage Layout

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the My Setup global link.
  2. In the Layout Personalization section, click Personal Layout.
  3. In the Personal Layout page, in the Personal Homepage Layout section, click the Homepage Layout that you want to modify (for example My Homepage Layout).
  4. In the Available Sections section of the page, select the section that you want to display on your Homepage and use the arrows to move the section to the Left Side section or the Right Side section.

    TIP: You can select more than one section at a time by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key when you click to select the sections.

  5. In the Left Side or Right Side section, select one section at a time and use the arrows to move the section up or down until it appears in the order you want on the Homepage.
  6. Save the record.

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