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Using Indexed Custom Fields

To optimize the performance of Oracle CRM On Demand, you can use custom fields that have been optimized for specific record types. These optimized fields, which are called indexed custom fields, are special fields that improve the response time during a search or when sorting a particular list. Indexed custom fields are preconfigured in the Oracle CRM On Demand database. You can change the labels on the indexed custom fields, but you cannot change the integration tags.

NOTE: You can choose to migrate your data from a custom field to an indexed custom field to increase the performance of lists for users. To migrate the existing data to the available record types, use the export and import functionality of Oracle CRM On Demand or Web services. For more information about exporting and importing data, see Import and Export Tools. For more information about Web services, see Web Services Integration.

Indexed custom fields are prefixed with the word, Indexed, by default. The following record types do not support indexed custom fields:

  • Assessment
  • Book
  • User

The following table lists the record types that support indexed custom fields:

Record Types Supporting Custom Fields




Partner Program

Fund Request



Vehicle Service History

Vehicle Contact

Vehicle Sales History


Custom Objects 1-3

Campaign Recipient



Product Category



Appointment User

Appointment Contact

Task User

Task Contact

Appointment, Task, and Call


Service Request



MedEd Event

Opportunity Contact Role

Opportunity Product Revenue



Custom Objects 1-3

Contact Team



Call Promotional Items Dropped

Call Product Detail

Account Team


Contact Best Times


Each record type in the table has the following indexed custom fields:

  • Indexed Checkbox
  • Indexed Currency
  • Indexed Date
  • Indexed Number
  • Indexed Picklist 1
  • Indexed Picklist 2
  • Indexed Picklist 3
  • Indexed Picklist 4
  • Indexed Picklist 5
  • Indexed Picklist 6
  • Indexed Long Text
  • Indexed Short Text 1
  • Indexed Short Text 2

All other record types in Oracle CRM On Demand have the following indexed custom fields:

  • Indexed Number
  • Indexed Date
  • Indexed Checkbox
  • Indexed Currency
  • Indexed Picklist 1
  • Indexed Picklist 2
  • Indexed Picklist 3
  • Indexed Picklist 4
  • Indexed Picklist 5

Exceptions: For all Custom Objects, some fields use different naming conventions to those listed in the previous tables:

  • Index Picklist 6 = Type
  • Index Short Text 1 = Quick Search 1
  • Index Short Text 2 = Quick Search 2
  • Index Long Text = Name

To use indexed custom fields

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Application Customization section, click the Application Customization link.
  3. In the Record Types Setup section, click the link for the required record type.
  4. In the Field Management section, click record type Field Setup.
  5. In the record type Field page, click Rename Fields and rename the indexed custom fields as appropriate for your company, see Renaming Fields.

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