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Customizing Your Company's Industry List

Industry is a picklist field on account records. It is used to track the business type of the account. You can add and remove industries, or change the display name of industries on the list. This allows you to adjust the industry picklist to match the nomenclature familiar to your company.

NOTE: The number of industries that you can add to the list is not limited.

To customize your company's industry list

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Business Process Management section, click the Data Rules & Assignment link.
  3. In the Industry Definition section, click the Industry Definition link.
  4. From the Translation Language drop-down list, select your company's primary language.

    If you do not select your company's primary language, the Mark for Translation check box does not appear, and the application does not indicate untranslated terms you add here.

  5. On the Industry Edit page, fill in the information.

    NOTE: The Industry SIC Code is one of the fields on the Industry Edit page. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system is a series of numeric codes that classify all businesses by the types of products or services they make available. Businesses engaged in the same activity, whatever their size or type of ownership, are assigned the same SIC code. The SIC codes were developed to facilitate the collection, tabulation, and analysis of data, and to promote comparability in statistical analyses.

  6. To manually enter the translated equivalent of the new industry:
    1. From the Translation Language drop-down list, select the language.
    2. Enter the translated equivalent in the Display Name field and click Save.
  7. Save the record.

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