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Insurance Properties

Use the Insurance Properties pages to create, update, and track insurance properties accounts. An insurance properties record allows contacts to be grouped together and their related information to be rolled up from the contacts who are linked to the insurance property.

An insurance property is a tangible asset to which a contact or business owner has a legal title. The owner purchases the insurance policy to protect the physical property against loss from theft, fire, and other perils. This term (insurance property) is also used in a claim. The owner can specify which insurance property is damaged in an incident. You can use an insurance property record to track all types of insured property, such as a car, a boat, jewelry, a house, and so on.

You can use the Insurance Property pages to identify and profile insurance property by capturing information such as make, model, construction year, license number, and so on. You can also use the Insurance Property pages to review other related information. For more information, see Coverages and Damages.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking insurance property information, the Insurance Properties tab might be excluded from your setup.

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