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About Creating Reports with Reports and Analysis for Excel

Using Reports and Analysis for Excel, you can download Oracle CRM On Demand data and manipulate it in Microsoft Excel. When you click Configure On Demand Report on the On Demand Integration toolbar in Reports and Analysis for Excel, the Configure Reports dialog box appears. Using the Configure Reports dialog box, you can edit existing reports, create new reports, or remove existing reports. The following table describes the options available in the Configure Reports dialog box.



Edit Report

Click to modify the filter settings and fields included in the selected report.

New Report

Click to create a custom report for the selected record type. You can set filter criteria against each of the standard and custom fields for that record type. For information about setting filter criteria in lists, see Working with Lists.

Remove Report

Click to remove a report from the Excel workbook.

Run Report

Click to run the currently selected report. After running, the report is added as a new worksheet to the workbook.


Click to exit the Configure Reports dialog box.

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