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Creating Mail Merge for Word Templates

The Mail Merge for Word toolbar (the On Demand Integration toolbar) is attached to each template file. The following procedure describes how to create a Mail Merge for Word template, using the On Demand Integration toolbar. Using the toolbar to create Mail Merge for Word templates allows you to make sure that your Oracle CRM On Demand data will support the personalization you are embedding in the template.

About Opening Mail Merge for Word Templates

To make sure that Mail Merge for Word is attached to any templates that you create or modify, you must always open the original template files. To make sure you have opened the original template file, check the title bar. The document title must have a .dot file name extension.

NOTE: Do not double-click the file to open it, because this action opens a new Word document, based on the template file. If you save any changes while in this mode, you will be saving a normal Word document, which does not have the On Demand Integration toolbar attached.

To create or modify Mail Merge for Word templates

  1. Right-click the Mail Merge for Word template that you downloaded and saved locally, and select Open.

    The file opens in Microsoft Word.

  2. Create a typical correspondence using the On Demand Integration toolbar and Word functionality.

    You can refine recipients, insert Oracle CRM On Demand fields, preview, and so on. For specific details about how to create a correspondence using the toolbar, see Creating Direct Mailings or Mass Emails with Mail Merge for Word.

  3. Before saving the template, unlink the data source from the template as follows:
    1. Click the Main document setup button on the Microsoft Word Mail Merge toolbar.
    2. In the Main Document Type dialog box, select the Normal Word document radio button.

      NOTE: If the Microsoft Word Mail Merge toolbar is not visible, access it by clicking View, Toolbars, and then Mail Merge in the Word menu bar. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, click the Mailings tab, then Start Mail Merge.

      CAUTION: If you save and publish a template before disconnecting the data source, the file will attempt to connect to a data source on the local machine when it is used.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you are saving a new template, select File, then Save As.
    • If you are saving changes to an existing template, select File, then Save.

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