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About the On Demand Integration Toolbar in Mail Merge for Word

Mail Merge for Word contains the On Demand Integration toolbar, which is used to create mail merges with Oracle CRM On Demand data.

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, the On Demand Integration toolbar is available in the Add-Ins tab. Click the Add-Ins tab to display all the On Demand Integration options.

The following table describes the options available in the On Demand Integration toolbar in Mail Merge for Word.

Toolbar Option


1. Get On Demand Data

Allows you to sign in to Oracle CRM On Demand and download data to Microsoft Word. The options are: Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Service Requests, and Use Saved List. Choosing Use Saved List allows you to select an existing data source stored as a list on your machine.

2. Refine Recipients

Allows you to choose which recipients from the downloaded data you want to correspond with.

3. Refine Message

Contains the following options:

  • AutoText. Allows you to insert predetermined fields into the message. For example, you can insert a closing line into each message using the AutoText option.
  • Insert Oracle Field. Allows you to insert fields from the Oracle CRM On Demand record into the message. For example, you may choose to insert Full_Name into the greeting of each message.

4. Preview

Allows you to preview each message. You can use the arrows to scroll through each one.

5. Print or Send Message

Allows you to merge the data into the template and print, merge into a separate Word document, or merge into individually addressed email messages and send them out.

6. Log as On Demand Activity

Allows you to create an activity in Oracle CRM On Demand as a record of the correspondence. This single activity is associated with each of the message’s recipients. The text of the template sent is automatically inserted into the description of this activity.

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