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Adding Sample Inventory to an Inventory Period

Sample administrators use the Sample Inventory Edit page to add a sample inventory line item to an inventory period for a sales representative, or update details for an existing sample inventory line item. The Sample Inventory Edit page shows the complete set of fields for sample inventory.

Sales representatives cannot add or delete sample inventory line items in an inventory period. However, when performing interim and final audit counts, sales representatives must edit the Physical Count field in the sample inventory line item in an inventory period. For more information about audit counts, see Requesting an Interim Inventory Count and Closing Out an Inventory Period.

Before you begin. To add sample inventory line items to an inventory period, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To add a sample inventory line item to an inventory period

  1. On the Inventory Period List page, drill down on the Start Date field to open the inventory period record that you want.
  2. On the Inventory Period Detail page, click New in the Sample Inventory section.
  3. On the Sample Inventory Edit page, complete the required fields. Then click Save.

    For more information about the fields on this page, see Sample Inventory Fields.

NOTE: This procedure is suitable if you are adding small numbers of products. For adding multiple inventory records, it is recommended that you create an import file (consisting of the appropriate inventory records), and then ask your company administrator to load the data into the inventory period.

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